What Makes The Mormon Channel My Channel?

You probably had no idea that there is a radio station that was created for the sole purpose of streaming LDS content 24 hours a day, did you? Truthfully, I didn’t either. I also didn’t know how much amazing content was available to us through this rich media resource. The new Mormon Channel now allows you to search, view, and listen through iTunes, YouTube, the radio and custom mobile applications. You can find recent conference addresses, Mormon Messages, CES firesides, Conversations with church leadership, Scripture Stories, and current church news from around the globe.

The Mormon Channel is Your Channel -- any time and anywhere -- through podcasts made available on iTunes, mobile applications developed for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Palm platforms, and video content streamed directly through YouTube.

Sometimes we need a little help teaching our children how to understand the scriptures they’re reading, quickly finding the monthly visiting teaching message, or finding the right story to share with the youth of the ward about service or sacrifice... or even dating.

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