What a Texas Family Massacre Teaches us About Dealing with the Worst of Trials

by | Jul. 11, 2014

Makes You Think

Many of us have heard about the tragic events that occurred in Texas with the Stay family. 6 of the the 7 family members were killed leaving only the oldest daughter (15) still alive (for those who wish to donate to the Cassidy Stay Fund, you can donate here).

So what do we do? What happens when it is our time to face our own personal Gethsemane? Clearly, I’m not talking about the small, day to day issues that come up or talking about just having a bad day or week. I’m not even talking about the many legitimate (but in the grand scheme of things less important) stresses we might be dealing with in our lives.

No, I’m talking about the very small number of times in our lives where we are on the brink of even living. Where everything in our life is going wrong. The moments that not only can we not see the way out, we can’t see anything at all. Those moments where we feel completely lost and alone.

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