What an Irishman Thought of Us in 1851

To the Editor of the Belfast News-Letter.

Sir – A number of individuals, presided over by an “Elder,” and calling themselves “Latter-day Saints,” now occupy the little building in King Street, formerly used by the members of the Baptist communion. The walls of our town, on Saturday, being covered with placards, with the striking heading, “Restoration of the Gospel,” and announcing that “Elder Wallace, from the Great Salt Lake Valley,” would preach a sermon, I determined to be present.

When I entered the small meeting-house, I saw about fifty individuals assembled, many of them, like myself, no doubt, brought thither by curiosity. After a rapid glance at the congregation generally, my eyes, wanderers as they are, were next directed to a small table, which sat before a comfortable-looking gentleman, having on it two plates, on which were some pieces of bread, and a glass vessel, containing something very green-looking, “original ginger,” I dare say.

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