What if the U.S. president were a Mormon?

Peter Watkins gave his audience a lot to think about Friday morning.

What if the president of the United States were a Mormon?

If the scenario were true, Watkins said, members of the media would scrutinize his tax returns and wonder why 10 percent went directly to his church. Devoting three or more hours to church meetings and other duties, home teaching and national coverage of Sister Johnson's sacrament meeting talk might turn some heads. General conference would be a major media event. Attending the temple would become complicated.

And think of the possible political satire. "Saturday Night Live" would have a field day.

The U.S. president is typically the most newsworthy person on the planet, so imagine if he were a Mormon. Picture his 14-person entourage following him into church, said Watkins.

"Interest in the church would be off the charts," he told a crowd of hundreds gathered in the South Towne Exposition Center for the 12th Annual Mormon Apologetics Conference. "If a Mormon gets elected to the White House, there would be exponential exposure. People that don't know Mormons now will, if not personally, one could be in the White House."

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