What kids need from parents

Last Friday night, our 15-year-old daughter went to a Valentine's masquerade party, hosted by the parents of one of her friends from school. They own a roller-skating rink in a nearby town.

The party started at 10:45 p.m. -- after the rink was closed and the customers went home. It was slated to end at 1 in the morning.

About 8 in the evening, it began to snow. So now we left earlier to pick up the friends she was providing with a ride, and drove well under the speed limit the whole way.

When the party was over, by the time we had dropped off her friends and returned safely home it was 2:30 in the morning. We all fell into bed, exhausted.

Here's the amazing thing: The next morning, our daughter was talking to her mom at breakfast and she said, "Last night was wonderful. I'm so grateful that you and dad were willing to stay up so late to drive us there and back."

Yeah, that's right. Eat your hearts out, parents of Teenagers of the Ordinary Kind.

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