What's the deal with medical marijuana?

As I write about medical marijuana use, I realize it is a highly controversial topic in our country. In Greece, I had never heard of drugs, but I found out about them quickly when we moved to California in my seventh grade year.

It appeared that many of the boys I became friends with would occasionally smoke pot, mostly on the weekends. As we got older and graduated to high school, their frequency increased, in some cases to daily use. These were actually really good kids who had developed a bad habit. At the time I was not Mormon, nor did I know anything about the Word of Wisdom, but I was a pretty good athlete and it turned out to be my saving grace.

Even though I was offered pot already by middle school, I managed to make it all the way through high school and become the only guy in my group of friends that didn't smoke it. It made no sense to me to swim 10,000 yards a day, 6 days a week and compete at the national level, then pollute my lungs with this stuff.

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