What the Pope Can Teach Mormons About Their Own Beliefs

"The family is the hospital closest to us: When someone is sick, they are cared for there, if possible. The family is the first school for children, it is the unwavering reference point for the young, it is the best home for the elderly. It is the first school of mercy because it is there that we have been loved and learned to love, have been forgiven and learned to forgive." -Pope Francis

Pope Francis is a leader with a gift for sounding themes that hover near the heart of all religions — themes such as sharing, patience, goodwill and fixing your eye on the Divine.

Gandhi was that way. When members of other faiths would visit him for advice, he’d tell them to look to their own traditions. Everything he had to offer, Gandhi said, could be found in most holy books.

So it is with Pope Francis.

That’s why, when the pope’s new book, The Name of God Is Mercy came out, I decided to read it for messages that might resonate with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I found a bunch.

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