What to Do When You Feel like You Don't Belong in the Church

by | Mar. 05, 2020

There’s no such thing as fitting the “mold” of the Church, although it might sometimes feel that way.

An article in the young adult section of the March 2020 Ensign outlines one woman's ideas to help Latter-day Saints feel that there is a place for them in the gospel of Jesus Christ, based on her own experience.

For the author of the article, Lisa Barney, who has struggled with social anxiety, one of the most critical components in feeling like she fit in with her fellow ward members was strengthening her faith.

“I learned that belonging takes faith—faith that you are worth loving, faith that you are needed, and faith that you can be better with others,” she said.

The first step to that faith, Barney continued, was to deepen her relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

“I studied the Savior’s life,” she wrote. “I prayed to Heavenly Father and did my best to fill my life with ways to grow closer to Him. And because I made an effort to reach out to Him, He reached out to me. If you feel like an ‘outcast’ for any reason, God is the one to turn to first.”

Read the full story for more ideas on how to find belonging in the Church despite social anxiety in the Ensign.

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