What to Do When the Horse Runs Away from You

by | Dec. 12, 2013

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There’s a horse I work with named Janie. I like Janie. She’s big and beautiful and sensitive and likes to move. Sometimes I feel like we have similar personalities. We are both high energy girls. Sometimes I feel like I could jump on her back and take off running, and she would welcome the ride.

Today, she ran away from me.

I was assigned to work with her as her horse leader for a riding lesson. She was in her pasture, happily grazing with her pasture buddy, Bandit. She is often hard to catch in the pasture to bring in for lessons, and today was the first day in 3 the horses hadn’t been confined to their stalls due to bad weather. All the horses were a little more keyed up than usual, none in a working mood. And who can blame them? Man and beast alike were grateful to see the long lost sun.

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