What to do When the Heavens Withdraw

by | Apr. 24, 2014

Makes You Think

I was asked to write about the experience we all have on occasion, that of feeling like no matter how much we try to communicate with the Lord sometimes, it is as though the heavens have withdrawn and our prayers bounce off the ceiling and never reach their final destination. Sound familiar? I hope so. I would hate to think it was only my family line who experienced this difficulty. I know that the condition is rarely permanent, and there are some lessons we can learn when we are in this condition of seeming to be barred from heaven’s embrace.

First let’s look at the conditions surrounding this phenomenon of having the heavens withdraw themselves. It has been my experience that when I am trying to get an answer from on high, and my prayers are bouncing off the ceiling and landing with ignominious shame (think “public shame”) around me on the floor of my bedroom, and when I am trying to get in touch with the infinite and instead just feel dirty or troubled inside, I generally have some soul searching to do. Here are four lessons I have learned from this condition over the years. Perhaps one or more of these lessons will be of help to you.

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