When Faith and Prayers Don’t Save a Loved One

I am so grateful for the essay that Nicole recently shared about the miracles that happened in their family‘s life — how faith and prayers saved their twin baby boy. We’ve recently been sharing different Mormon bloggers’ thoughts on their belief in God, and it’s stories like Nicole’s that are an example of what strengthens my faith in God’s existence.

But that faith is also strengthened by stories of people whose situations didn’t turn out so positively.

A young couple in the ward congregation I attend comes to mind. Their precious son was born weighing only 2 pounds 9 ounces. They still aren’t sure exactly why, but he stopped growing in utero, so this was his full-term weight. He surprised the doctors by staying alive, but the next seven months were fraught with a host of issues that kept him in the hospital for most of that time.

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