When “Girl Power” Meets “God's Power”

Sometimes it can be difficult to stand up and step forward for what you believe, as LDS musician and a member of Mercy River Whitney Permann knows, especially when what you believe is constantly challenged. 

The “Girl Power” movement of the last few decades is alive and well. 

In fact, I’m a product of it. I grew up idolizing Charlotte Doyle, Scout Finch, Meg Murray, Kit Tyler, Anne Shirley, and that girl who survived on an island of blue dolphins. Consequently, I’ve never doubted I can do anything. 

And consequently, I'm ALL for equal rights, education, and freedom from bondage (that so many of our sisters face). But it sometimes seems like the way the world would like me to express my belief in the power of women can turn into something I don’t feel good about. When claiming our power starts to mean we take the feminine out of being female, sometimes turning our nose at marriage and motherhood or objectifying women's bodies, I can no longer stand by quietly.

Image titleThroughout their career, Mercy River has been a voice of comfort and hope to their audience, encouraging and lifting those who are looking for light in the midst of difficult times. With Step Forward, they add an infectious boost of grassroots action. This album encourages women to unify, rise up, and speak out. The songs on the album are dedicated to standing for truth, strengthening marriage and family, trusting in God, and making a difference. Their light-infused and faith-promoting lyrics will put a spring in your step and hope in your heart.

Here's a sneak peak at Mercy River's new album Step Forward, inspired by President Nelson's conference talk "A Plea to My Sisters."

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