When Is the 'Right' Time to Get Married? One LDS Girl’s Thoughts

To give you a little bit of insight into my personal experiences, I almost got married last year. Unfortunately, my fiancé called the wedding just days before, leaving me wondering how I’d cope. I did. And you can read about that story here. I have no negative thoughts or opinions of him now, because I know his character well enough to be able to still think highly of him. The following are my own opinions and thoughts, from my participation in and later observation of the situation.

We both believed that marriage and family should be pursued and both had the desire to do so. So why didn’t it work? (I don’t have any real answers to that simple yet complicated question, but here are some things I have learned and realized since.) We both also believed we had found the right person to marry, but struggled because we were never able to feel at complete peace with the timing.

Single adults need to date and marry. Please stop delaying! I know some of you fear family formation. However, if you marry the right person at the right time and in the right place, you need not fear.” – Elder Ballard

I want to focus on two of the aspects that Elder Ballard says will help us not fear marriage; the right person and the right time.

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