When My Son Was Dying, God Gave Me a Glimpse Into the Future He Could See

by | Sep. 15, 2015

Mormon Life

MR says: What a sweet reminder of the tender mercies God gives us in our lives, especially during our darkest moments.

Some stories happen and instantly beg to be written, others need to mature and then one day they are ready to be presented to the world. I have held this story in my heart for six years, it has pulled me through the most terrifying times of my life. This account was my "snuggle buddy," "security blanket" and my anchor when I felt that I was capsized in the deepest and darkest oceans of motherhood.

The Ledge

A mother's biggest fear is losing her child. Six years ago I faced that fear! I stood at the ledge, looked down into the abyss and felt the sinking feeling in my heart and the emptiness in my arms, wondering if I would ever see light or happiness again. Just as I started to feel a force drag me down, I was suddenly surrounded by warmth and comfort. This reassuring feeling never once left me since that day, even during the worst days of our lives.

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