When Our Primary Sang Handel's Entire Hallelujah Chorus & What It Taught Me

Primary children singing Handel's entire Hallelujah Chorus, parts and all? Incredible. But not as incredible and unexpected as the insights that were learned from this amazing feat.

Today in Sacrament Meeting, our Primary kids sang the Hallelujah Chorus. Yes, that Hallelujah Chorus – the one from Handel’s Messiah. The whole thing.

What? It is true. After the third speaker, about 100 primary kids and a handful of teachers went up to the choir seats. My daughter and I both noticed that they were all smiling and energetic as they made that long walk. After a few minutes of moving and cajoling, they were ready.

And I was in full skeptic mode. I had heard they were working on it, but really? I figured it would be somewhat simplified and rather painful.

A string quintet of adults and youth began, then the kids started singing. Right on cue, and right on pitch. They sounded beautiful, and I was immediately impressed. Then…the unthinkable – they broke into parts. 

Lead image from Middle-Aged Mormon Man.
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