When The Primary Program Goes Hilariously Wrong

by | Oct. 20, 2014

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It’s one of the most looked to programs during Sacrament meeting, the Primary Program. You see sweet little kids go up and sing and give talks in their adorable little voices. If you’ve been lucky enough to have experienced when a Primary Program goes wrong, you know how funny it can be.

Being a Big Brother

“Years ago I was visiting my friend in his ward and they had the primary program. One boy got up and talked about how much he loved his family and how excited he was that he was going to be a big brother soon. Well it turned out that the mom just found out that morning and told him but hadn’t told her husband yet because he was the bishop of the ward and left early for meetings. He was clearly shocked and excited. It was funny watching him lip to his wife ‘really? really?’ throughout the program.”

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