When our heroes fall - especially the LDS ones

"Cursed is he who putteth his trust in a former beauty queen."

That is the title of a blog post my friend wrote last week, shortly after discovering that former Miss Utah Elizabeth Craig had been charged along with two other individuals with stealing more than $1 million in Nu Skin products and selling them online.

Why was my friend so distraught by the accusations? Because Craig had served as his session director at Especially for Youth when he was a teenager.

Despite the (mostly) tongue-in-cheek headline, the subtext of the blog post is fairly somber, even evoking a sense of betrayal.

"I was moved by Sister Craig's words to remember God and to remember my relationship with him," he writes. "There was truth in the message she was trying to portray, so of course it resonated. But was she hopping online the same night she gave that talk and selling stolen products online to make a few extra bucks?"

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