When the U.S. Tried to Ban Mormons

In light of recent political events and the Church's recent statement on refugees, this piece of our history seems particularly relevant.

In an 1879 editorial, the Deseret News responded to U.S. Secretary of State William Evarts' effort to prevent Mormons from immigrating to the United States. Substitute "Trump" for "Evarts" and "Muslim" for "Mormon" in the Deseret News' editorial and it reads like a reaction to events in 2017, not 1879:

"It is difficult to believe that a man with a brain like Secretary Evarts' would commit himself to such nonsense. … It is absurd to suppose that any European Government would undertake to establish an inquisition for the purpose of determining the religious faith of all intending emigrants from its shores.
"It is equally absurd to assume that all 'Mormons' who emigrate to Utah intend to break the laws of the United States. And the 'member of the cabinet who said that the administration did not consider “Mormon” immigrants as any more entitled to respect than so many persons who had been convicted of felony,” must have been afflicted with temporary insanity."
Lead image from Deseret News
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