Where to begin your job hunt

You've been let go from a position you expected to have until retirement, your resume needs updating and you need to tell your spouse of the downturn. This happened to me three times between 2005 and 2008.

The first question you ask yourself is, "Now what? How am I going to pay my mortgage, purchase food or even buy my kids an ice cream cone?"

The process of finding a job is different from what it once was. Potential employers want the application to be completed online. So where do you begin the search for a new career when the job market has become so competitive and impersonal?

Step 1 in finding a new career is to place yourself on your knees in prayer. You will not find a new career without the help of heaven. Be patient. Your Heavenly Father will use this time in your life to teach humility, patience and long-suffering.

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