Who is 'the church'?

The other day I walked to my Sunday school class with my friend and her beautiful young daughter. The daughter mentioned a less-active family who lived on their street. She said, “The mother has just had a new baby.”

She wondered if anyone in the church had thought to do anything for them.

After having served as an LDS ward Relief Society president, this kind of remark always made me smile. Many times, while I was the president, people would call me up to report a condition that existed in one of our ward families. They were deeply concerned. Then they would report that “the church” hadn’t done a thing to help them.

I was always tempted to say, “Who is 'the church’? Is it the Relief Society president? The bishop? The elder’s quorum president?” Of course, I didn’t say that but thanked them and promised more would be done. They are usually concerned and anxious to have someone do something, not knowing what had already been done.

Again, “Who is ‘the church’?”

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