Why Does God Allow Suffering? Insights I Learned After a Young Father's Funeral

What a beautiful quote from this piece: When doors of grief close our minds, the doors of heaven can open our hearts. President Howard W. Hunter explained, “Our detours and disappointments are the straight and narrow path to Him.” 

From the pain of divorce and death, to financial setbacks or the loss of health, perhaps you have asked the question: If God really loves me, why am I suffering? Why would a loving God allow suffering? For many, the inherent injustice of war, disease and natural disasters seems to run counter to the New Testament image of a loving, merciful God.

Meet Kevin. Kevin was a devoted father to young children, a loving husband and a dedicated Phoenix police officer. He believed in God and lived his faith. Jovial in nature and always willing to help others, Kevin met a tragic death in his early thirties; electrocuted while helping a friend repair a water heater. He left behind a grieving wife and heartbroken children.

I said to myself, “This is so senseless. Where is the purpose in this?”

Lead image from Meridian Magazine.
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