Why Halloween Is the Most Charitable Day of the Year (and Other Reasons I Can't Hate It)

I’ve tried. I have really tried. I have marshalled all my self-righteous bluster and vast knowledge, and I still can’t do it. I’m pretty orthodox, as orthodoxy goes, so it seems I should be able to – it kind of makes sense. My brain tells me I should be able to… but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Believe me, I’ve tried, but I can’t.

I can’t hate Halloween. I’m sorry to disappoint some of you. Yes, I know that:
It is pagan in its origins. (Much like Christmas and Easter)
People dress up as bloody, ghoulish, soulless, evil creatures.
Complete strangers are bussed into my neighborhood and show up at my door expecting candy.
In the old days there was a lot of “mischief” surrounding the “trick” part of treating.
Candy is bad for you. And expensive.
Nowadays walking through a costume shop is semi-pornographic.
Insides of pumpkins are slimy gross.
Dorky, uncostumed teenagers ride around on skateboards with bulging pillowcases full of candy.
Some kids get crazy from the sugar. (nevermind – that is a proven myth)

I know all these things – but I like Halloween anyway. Maybe it’s because we contain it. We don’t go scary or bloody. We try and go cute and creative. The satanic/gory stuff isn’t our “cup o’ tea.”

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