Why I Don't Make My Children Share

by | Apr. 28, 2014

Mormon Life

My husband got a phone call last week asking if him and I could substitute in our church’s nursery program this last Sunday. Of course he said yes, and we ended up having such a fun adventure! TEN, yes TEN little children between the ages of 18 months to about 30 months old all in one little room with just John and I.

I think when their parents first dropped them off we had about 5 crying at one time between all of them!! I could see the fear in John’s face! But luckily for us the power that bubbles and marshmallows have over these children far out way their fears of being left alone in such a crazy situation with two adults they don’t know. It wasn’t long until we had them all settled down and happy. We were so proud!

After a quick little lesson, some songs, and yes more marshmallows (probably a little more then they would normally get, shh.) It was time to play with toys. Yes! That should be easy, just sit back and watch them play. Or maybe not…

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