Why I Sent a Book of Mormon to the Man Who Raped Me

What a powerfully honest story that demonstrates how the Atonement really can heal all wounds. And what a beautiful truth: "Because of the Book of Mormon and restored gospel, my life went from broken and unorganized, to imperfectly beautiful. Discovering the restored gospel helped me see that I would never have to do hard things alone."

Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of forgiveness. Discovering the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helped me realize that everyone deserves forgiveness, no matter what the person may have done. Jesus faced the ultimate form of betrayal from His Father’s children, yet he chose to love and forgive them for their sins. I now understand that if Jesus Christ can forgive and atone for man’s transgressions, then I can forgive the man who raped me.

Years before I met with the missionaries, I was involved in an abusive relationship. Like many people who are in an unhealthy partnership, I was completely oblivious to the severity of the abuse when it was actually happening. I found that the only way I could cope with my relationship with this man was by letting my past demons explode. Behind closed doors, I was raped by the man who said he loved me, and when it was over, I would punish myself by skipping meals.

I was secretly aware of my eating disorder for years, but the illness eventually consumed my entire life after the first time I was raped. I remember stepping on the scale, seeing that I’d lost three pounds, and feeling proud of myself for finally doing something that was “good enough.”

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