Why I’m Dating a Pornography Addict

So many of my girlfriends have encountered otherwise fantastic guys who are also fighting to conquer this addiction. You would have no idea that these guys struggle with porn unless they told you. It’s everywhere.

Now, I have made my choice to fight alongside my wonderful, righteous man. (Why I made that choice is another blogpost.) We have experienced joys and sorrows together that have strengthened our relationship more than anything else. He told me about his pornography addiction a month into our relationship. I was aware of what I was getting myself into.  

I have been there as he experiences “a mighty change.” We have a goal that we are working toward together. He makes me a better person. Since I started dating him, my prayers have become more fervent, my scripture study more meaningful, and my temple attendance more consistent and purposeful. I have never felt such love or awareness that my Heavenly Father knows me than during this process.

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