Why I’m Likin’ Liken… Like a Lichen

I promise there’s a reason for that title. Really.


I first encountered the Liken the Scriptures series a few years ago, when I saw them on the shelves of a local LDS bookstore. I was interested, of course, but not willing to commit the purchase price. A while later, we found the franchise’s first title, Nephi & Laban, at the library and decided to check it out.

It was the story of Spencer, a young boy who had trouble paying attention in Primary when a caring teacher helped him understand that he could make the scriptures more real by thinking of them as applicable to himself. Spencer immediately sees the fruits of this new perspective when Nephi seemingly appears in his Primary room. Before long, Spencer is plunged into a musical retelling of Lehi’s sons’ retrieval of the brass plates from the fat and greedy Laban.

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