Why Keeping Promises is Good For Your Mind

Making and keeping promises is a highly valued trait in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In fact, the first official act of every member of the Church (sometimes inadvertently called “Mormons”) when we are baptized is to make a covenant—a two-way promise with our Heavenly Father—to live as He has directed through the example of His Son. In return, God promises that His Spirit will be with us always.

One of the fundamental attributes of our Father in Heaven is that He always keeps His promises. The purpose of our lives is to try to become as much like Him as possible, so keeping our promises to Him and others is an ideal most of us strive for consistently.

Both Spiritual and Psychological Blessings

Making and keeping our promises—not just to God, but to those around us—is about more than just adding to an ethereal reservoir of karma for the soul. 

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