Why Mormon mothers are superior (or not)

Parenting is like politics.

If you throw your opinion into the arena, you’re going to get bruised.

The blogging world has been in upheaval ever since the Wall Street Journal ran a little piece called “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.” It’s an excerpt from a memoir by Amy Chua called "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother." Chua is a Yale law professor and mother of two daughters.

The article lays out how Chinese parents raise their kids in contrast to the loose Western style: They don’t attend sleepovers or watch TV, they practice instruments (only violin and piano) two or three hours a day, and they get straight A's because its an expectation.

Chua stuck her neck out, and now the Western parents are hacking away, saying the Chinese way squelches creativity, leads to burn-out and doesn’t account for the importance of navigating the social structure of society.

I must confess, I read Chua’s original article and thought, “Amen, sister.” I am more and more at odds with the Western style of parenting. We sugar up our children, plop them in front of media, fill their lives with feel-good activities and put all the onus on schools to teach academics.

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