Why Mormons Would Thrive in a Jane Austen Novel

The parties. The manners. The fantastic characters. What’s not to love about Jane Austen’s novels? Well, whether you’re a die-hard Austenite or a simple appreciator, chances are you’ve got more in common with Austen’s characters than you know.

Here are 14 ways Mormons mirror the world of Jane Austen:

We’re already used to wearing formal attire

mrs bennet and the bennet sisters

Heaven knows we own plenty of it. #SundayBest

We’ve all been a victim of stake dances.

mr collins and elizabeth at a stake dance

He’s only creepy if you’re not interested, right? (Sorry, Mr. Collins.)

We’ve all had to own our relationship status.

Jane is a single mormon in Austenland

Ah, family get togethers—the perfect place to get bombarded by your relatives.

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