Why Tampa gets the Repub. Convention over Salt Lake City

Today's big rumor is that the 2012 Republican National Convention is going to be held in Tampa, Florida -- as opposed to the other proposed sites, Phoenix and Salt Lake City. No announcement has been made yet, but it's fair to say, "Signs point to yes."

...Why not Salt Lake? Weigel suggests that the GOP might want to avoid a Mormon overload: "As long as Mitt Romney remains the man to beat in 2012, the prospect of a convention in the home of the Mormon church is, rightly or wrongly, worrying to many Republicans." Allen says that "operatives" tell him that going to Utah would be seen as "a sign of retreat...hunkering down in one of the nation's whitest states."

I say: You ever been to one of these conventions? People want to booze it up, at all hours, for the thinnest of reasons, as much as humanly possible. Not exactly the Salt Lake way.

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