Why This Grandmother Was Allowed to See Her Granddaughter in the MTC

by | Jun. 04, 2015

Grandmother and Granddaughter in MTC Together

Many a new missionary, eager for a taste of home, looks forward to a care package from their grandmother. But one lucky sister in the Missionary Training Center has it even better—she gets to see her grandma every day.

Sister Gabby Bersie, called to serve in Winnipeg, Canada, isn’t the only Sister Bersie who’s calling the MTC her temporary home. Her grandmother, Sister Pat Bersie, followed her in on Monday. She’ll be serving as a single sister in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since then, the two have bumped into each other often, according to family. “Not chance meetings, if you ask me,” said Stacie Bersie, Gabby’s mother and Pat’s daughter-in-law.

“It really is amazing, the Spirit I feel knowing that my daughter and my mother are at the MTC at the same time,” said Gabby’s father, Mike. “But more important than that is that they both decided to go on a mission.”

“I know there’s a reason for both of them to be at the MTC at the same time,” he continued. “I can feel it, and it’s overpowering.”

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