Why We Need To Give To The Homeless

I remember several years ago being on a date in Salt Lake City. We passed by a homeless man who asked for money. After the encounter, we had a conversation about the homeless, and some of the things we said sounded like this:

“They are like that because they got involved in drugs.”

“They should get a job. And if they can’t get a job, that’s their fault. They shouldn’t have done drugs.”

“The Church has programs for people like this. I’ve already taken care of it with my fast offerings. He should go see a bishop and get food from the Bishop’s storehouse.”

“He will probably just go buy beer with it.”

“If I had time, I would stop get him food, but I am not going to give him money.”

I’ve since been repenting. We are so quick to condemn the homeless to justify keeping our money. 

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