Why We Need to Stop Dad Bashing

You see it all the time on TV shows or commercials: the wife is a hard working, driven women who has things pretty together while her husband is a lazy, slow-witted, couch potato with pretty awful personal hygiene who just can't seem to get anything right. 

Though TV might perpetuate these images, when did it become okay for wives and mothers to begin treating men the same way? Just like women plead to stop being objectified, there also needs to be a rallying call so that we can all stop demoralizing men.

What would happen if we loved our husbands?  We as a society need to stop “dad bashing!”  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gone to the grocery store, or to Walmart, and overheard conversations between other women about their husbands.

Let's be realistic, men are not perfect, [but] neither are us women! They have their own way of doing things, they have their own agenda, they have their own priorities, and sometimes…just sometimes…we don’t see eye to eye.

[But still] I’d like to interject into these conversations and say, “Hey…is that really the way you see you husband?  Is that how you want your children and others to see your husband?”  But I don’t…I walk away and I think to myself “am I any different?”

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