Why We Need to Talk About God & Faith, Even When the Rest of the World Doesn't

This article, shared by the Church, is a perfect reminder of what matters most, and how we can share that with others.

new Pew survey on religion in everyday life says U.S. adults seldom (33%) or never (16%) talk about religion with people outside their family. Furthermore, four in ten say they seldom (26%) or never (13%) discuss religion even with members of their immediate family.

Although Pew doesn't tell us why people aren't talking about faith, it's easy to speculate. We generally avoid controversial topics (such as politics, money or religion) at the dinner table. But this can be problematic because if believers aren't talking faith with family and friends — especially with those who aren't religious — we leave the door of misunderstanding wide open. . . .

At the individual level, CNN’s David Gregory, a Jew, and US Vice President Joe Biden, a Catholic, have both commented movingly in public about how their faith influences them — especially as a guiding, calming force in time of loss.

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