Why You Don't Need to Be Scared to Talk to Your Bishop

by | Aug. 14, 2014

Mormon Life

Over the years I have talked to hundreds of people that want to come back to church, want to go on a mission, or want to raise their kids in the Church in good conscience. Many more write to me privately through this blog, expressing their desire to come back but not knowing how to go about it. They’ve all done something that they know they need to talk to the bishop about but the thought of sitting in that office telling this random person their deepest secrets is too much for them to bear. I can see their point. But I want to show you why you don’t need to be scared to talk to your bishop about things that are bothering you.

This moment in time is a critical juncture for people. I think its one of the most critical junctures in a person’s life. This decision and interaction can make or break a person’s entire future in the church. We’re sitting in our rooms, laying in our beds, waiting, wondering, procrastinating what we know would be best…but sometimes, fear gets the best of us. Are we more concerned with what God or men think of us? This is the moment when our true character is put to the test.

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