Why do they hate us? The responses

I asked for it.

My column last week was met with an overwhelming response from active Latter-day Saints, objective religious observers and fervent anti-Mormons. It made its way onto several message boards and blogs, sparking discussions that ran the gamut from the insightful and constructive to the snarky and fruitless.

All in all, the column -- in which I encouraged Mormon readers to genuinely ask aggressors why they so dislike the church and its members -- garnered hundreds of replies. There was no way I could have responded to every message.

Still, many of their responses were insightful and, I believe, important for Latter-day Saints to hear. I struggled with whether I should post them in my column because, after all, I am an active, believing Mormon writing for other active, believing Mormons. But ultimately I determined I would be remiss if I asked a question in this column without providing any of the answers.

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