Why is BYU ignoring Hall's spew of hatred?

I am not surprised that the BYU-Utah football rivalry caused BYU quarterback Max Hall to go all Three Mile Island on us last Saturday. Such a meltdown has been brewing for years. It was bound to happen somewhere, sometime, to somebody.

I felt bad for Hall. Nobody wants to lose their cool, and if they do, nobody wants it to be in public. I could see anyone — myself, for instance — doing the same thing. I hoped Hall's major wasn't PR.

I am also not surprised that the Mountain West Conference publicly reprimanded Hall for violating its sportsmanship standards, i.e. disparaging and criticizing another school in the league. If what he did didn't qualify as disparaging and criticizing, what would?

What does surprise me is that BYU didn't do anything.

No reprimand, no sanction, no comment, other than to note that Hall, on his own initiative, offered a public apology — a rather selective mea culpa, at that, in which he got specific about exactly whom he hated and whom he didn't — and that neither the school nor the athletic department would have any more to say or do concerning the matter.

This is BYU, right? My alma mater? The Rules Capital of the universe?

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