Why is LDS Charities in the Middle East?

We are humanitarian service volunteers serving with two other couples in Jordan. Although Jordan is a place of safety and refuge amidst the turmoil of the Middle East, Jordan still experiences many challenges from its interactions with its neighbors.

Between a third and a half of the current population of 9 million are refugees who have come to Jordan over the last 50 years. Obviously, this influx has caused tremendous strain on the government and the people of Jordan in terms of housing, health care, roads/traffic and education. Jordan as a nation and as a people have risen to the occasion. As His Majesty the king of Jordan has said, in essence, how can we turn our back on these people who are in such need?

Some of our friends and family have asked, “Why are you in Jordan?” That question really embodies two different concepts — “Why are Brent and Margaret in Jordan?” and “Why is LDS Charities in Jordan?”

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