Will BYU Abandon Utah State To Try To Achieve Greater Religious Acceptance?

BYU to the WCC

I have been scratching my head over this one. Reports are out that BYU is seriously considering joining the West Coast Conference for all sports over the Western Athletic Conference.

The WCC is a collection of small religious privates. You may think you've never heard of them, but you actually have. Every March Gonzaga is an NCAA Tournament team, and St. Mary's lately has been on the NCAA basketball tourney bubble.

The WCC schools are located in San Diego, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Portland, and Spokane. They aren't very media-relevant in any of those markets, but they are in some great markets.

Still, why would BYU join them over the WAC?

Well, the markets argument is a good one. The WAC has lousy markets. Unless they show a real plan to improve that (i.e. massive expansion), why would BYU want to join?

The WCC may not offer much athletically, but they do offer good markets for the BYU network.

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