Will Youth Camp Happen This Year? Young Women General Presidency Encourages Youth to Think outside the Box

by | Apr. 27, 2020

With summer right around the corner, many youth are beginning to look forward to camp. Although camps this year might be modified or canceled amidst concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still many ways in which youth can connect and gather. 

In an article published in Church News, the Young Women general presidency empathized with the youth over lost summer experiences but encouraged them to seek out other ways to “hold” camp.

“We can complain and give up, or we can prayerfully create a contingency plan based on current circumstances and available resources. The Lord knows that powerful things can happen when the youth gather as covenant disciples of Jesus Christ,” the presidency wrote.

Gathering does not always mean being together in “the exact same physical space,” clarified the presidency.

“At its very core, gathering has to do with coming together and strengthening one another—our  personal relationships, our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and our commitment to serve Him.” The presidency continued, “Even though many camps will be closed this summer, through technology and other resources, there are still many opportunities and ways in which we can gather.”

Although many camps will be closed during summer 2020, the presidency asked readers to consider these principles when planning gatherings in the months ahead:

  • Let the youth plan
  • Seek inspiration and counsel
  • Follow local regulations
  • Allow for contingencies
  • Simplify
  • Organize carefully.  


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