With Friends Like These…

The interwebs have been all abuzz as of late with reviews both positive and negative regarding the new Mormon.org ad campaign. Not being a fan of egregious animal cruelty, I don’t want to beat this dead horse, but I think there’s a side to this whole thing that’s been largely (if not entirely) ignored: The seeming inability of actual Mormons to abide the message of diversity and acceptance the ads imply.

Anyone within a mile of the Bloggernacle already knows that the most glaring complaint about the new ads stems from what many see as a disconnect between the lifestyles featured in the ads and the over-the-pulpit direction church members actually receive. One area of controversy concerns the videos feature working moms. This is problematic for some because they feel the church is not openly supportive of mothers working or pursuing interests outside the home. As disconcerting as this duplicitous message may seem, what is more troubling is the lack of understanding and support offered by general members of the church to other members whose lifestyle choices fall into the realm of “diverse”. Take, for example, this recent post at Segullah. What was meant as an introspective on the choice to go back to work when the kids are older quickly deteriorates in the comments into a slugfest of judgement between women on opposing sides of a suddenly heated issue. In the way of all true Bloggernacle debacles, personal righteousness is called into question. A discussion that should have been inclusive and enlightening instead became polarizing and alienating.

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