With May 21 passing uneventfully, it's a good time to show compassion

The world didn't end May 21 as predicted, did it? All this started when 89-year-old Harold Camping, head of the Family Radio broadcasting network, with 150 outlets, made his bold prediction that Jesus would return to Earth and the world would end. Camping's "prophecy" is nothing new, as he predicted the same thing back in 1994, which, of course, also didn't happen. Having recalibrated his calculations, he came up with the new date for Judgment Day. ...

I have seen how many people have ridiculed them already, and I'm sure late-night comics will be having a field day with these folks for some time to come. While unkind reactions may be common, I hope we choose to resist the temptation. As Latter-day Saints, we too have some peculiar and often misunderstood doctrine. We have been made fun of before (just see "The Book of Mormon" musical now playing on Broadway) and most likely will be again.

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