With You

It began last week with some very hole-y garments.

I found my recommend to take to Beehive Clothing. Could it be true that I last used it four years ago? I knew it had been a while, but I had closed off that tender part of my heart that rebruised with each endowment or sealing session I had forced myself to go to, and the time had passed regardless. Driving through the gates of the Boise temple grounds to the doors of Beehive Clothing, I cautiously opened a peephole into the heart-cloister:

Is it time to try again?

Over the following three days, a rapid-fire series of “coincidences” led me to the unmistakeable conclusion that God, seeing an opportunity, was not nudging but pushing me toward following through that question with a Yes, and as soon as possible. I renewed the recommend that Sunday, and was in the temple Wednesday night.

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