Women and the Priesthood

When I was younger I really struggled with the question of why women couldn't hold the priesthood. In fact, for a little while my testimony was really shaken because I felt God was being unfair and demeaning to women.

Yet over the last few years, as I've really prayed and searched for understanding, God has given me tender mercies, pieces of understanding, that bring peace to my soul and answers to my doubts.

One of these tender mercies happened to me about a year ago when I was walking through my kitchen. On the wall next to the door we have a key shaped key holder on which we put all our household keys. The purpose of this holder is to keep our keys organized and in a safe spot, so that we always know where they are when we need them. When keys don't get put on this holder things get a bit chaotic at our house, resulting in frantic searches through the house for car keys, house keys, and shed keys which actually sometimes get lost for good.

As I looked at this key holder and reflected on its purpose, I realized that Priesthood authority is much like a key holder.

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