Women's Conference: Reaching near and far

Using examples of recent disasters around the world, Sister Silvia Allred, first counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, and Sister Barbara Thompson, second counselor, spoke Friday to those attending Women’s Conference of the great work going forth both near and far as people and organizations combine efforts to offer relief.

Sister Allred and Sister Thompson both spoke of the wonderful efforts the Church is making to help victims of natural disasters and of hard living conditions.

In Sister Allred’s remarks, she spoke of the many different ways and motives for offering relief. She said above all else, offering help should be done because Heavenly Father has commanded all to do it.

“Because we love Heavenly Father, we want to please Him and assist Him to bless His children,” Sister Allred said.

Sister Allred shared many examples of the work the Church is doing to offer help and teach.

“Our assistance is focused in life-sustaining resources to provide immediate relief during emergency situations and support for programs that help people become more self-reliant in countries with chronic suffering,” she said. “All of the initiatives are aimed at helping people help themselves.”

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