Worlds Strictest Parents

How it All Began

Being on TV is not what I expected. It was better. In January of 2009 the BBC asked us to participate in an English documentary called “The World’s Strictest Parents.” My husband, Spencer, and I had done many years of foster care for very difficult teens and we have four children of our own. Also, I have been teaching parenting seminars and classes for the last 10 years around North America on how to teach your children to want to govern their own behaviors. I call my parenting principles Teaching Self-Government. After speaking to me and looking at my free parenting advice blog the BBC said we would be the ideal parents for their program.

When I got this invitation from the BBC my soul just about jumped out of my skin. The sensation was strange to me. I wasn’t exactly sure what the sensation meant at first. I spoke with my husband about the project and we quickly made a list of every reason we shouldn’t do it. They could make us look bad. Even worse than that, they could make our religion look bad. How did we know if we could even trust these complete strangers? After we made our list of why not to do it we almost immediately had the distinct impression that we were supposed to do the show. The feeling was so strong that we knew we just had to do it. However, at this point we decided that the reason we were going to take this huge leap of faith in people we didn’t even know was to strengthen families around the world.

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