Worried about the choices of charitable giving during holidays?

Dear Dr. Elia,

I really enjoy reading your articles, but my question is a little different than the normal ones you've been answering:

How do you handle all of the solicitations for donations to very worthwhile causes that come your way each year around Christmas time? It just seems like it never ends, from requests at church to help provide dinners at Thanksgiving and sub for Santa at Christmas, to a family member who has someone in their ward selling homemade Christmas ornaments to help raise money to take the trip to the temple in Ghana. Of course, there are many others like toy drives, panhandlers and other fundraisers.

You want to help people go to the temple and have a happy holiday, and of course you pay tithing and other contributions, but honestly, when is enough, enough? I know that it's tough economic times for everyone ... I've seen it and heard it a million times. You want to be able to provide a nice holiday for your family and you want to help the many others who are in need, but there are all of these causes that stretch the budget tighter than originally planned.

How do you decide who to help and who not to, without feeling guilty?

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