Would You Rather: Latter-day Saint Culture Edition

by | Nov. 16, 2018


Members of the Church have a lot of unique practices and traditions when it comes to culture. From ward potluck foods to party planning, this is how your favorite things in Church culture stack up with Latter-day Saints around the world. 

Would you rather watch...

A Disney movie
Johnny Lingo

Would you rather drink...

Hot chocolate
Diet Coke

Would you rather perform in...

The ward choir
The ward talent show

Would you rather attend...

EFY (Especially for Youth)

Would you rather follow...

Latter-day Saint bloggers
Latter-day Saint YouTubers

Would you rather serve by...

Helping someone move
Cooking a meal for your neighbors

Would you rather name your baby...

Something traditional
Something unique

Which do you enjoy wearing more...

A CTR ring
Knee-length shorts

Would you rather plan...

A Pinterest birthday party
The ward Christmas party

Would you rather eat...

Green Jell-O
Funeral potatoes

Would you rather meet...

David Archuleta
Lindsey Stirling

Would you rather...

Referee a Church ball game
Lead the music in a Primary program
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