YSA identify overriding conference theme: the need to marry

After each general conference, I ask religion class students, “What themes did you take from conference?” This past conference, students identified one overriding theme: the need to marry.

Some spoke pensively and longingly about finding a suitable partner, committing to marriage and marrying in the temple. These were mostly female students. Others spoke with varying degrees of angst and trepidation about marriage. These were mostly male students. In the priesthood session, President Thomas S. Monson quoted President Lee, “We are not doing our duty as holders of the priesthood when we go beyond the marriageable age and withhold ourselves from an honorable marriage to these lovely women.”

In one class, a member of the football team raised his hand and announced that after Saturday’s priesthood session, four members of the football team got engaged. This announcement brought laughter and smiles.

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