YW Lesson 1-27 "Scripture Study"

by | Jul. 16, 2009

Lesson Helps

One of my own rules for my little Sunday classroom is that I will never teach a lesson without referring to the scriptures. Everyone knows that they'll use them, so even though they don't bother bringing them for any other class, they'll stop and raid the seminary closet for mine. I think it's particularly important for young women. I know I'm not alone in feeling as a young adult that the RM's would always be more knowledgeable than me, the boys in the room would always be the experts, and allowing that to intimidate me. It's disheartening to me how many grown women I know who don't bother with the scriptures because they trust that the man in their life knows enough for the both of them. I want the girls I teach to have as much experience with the scriptures as I can give them so that they're armed against that intimidation and spiritual laziness.

I like the little illustration about how the scriptures are life's instruction manual. My father-in-law, who is not a lawyer despite this analogy, often refers to them as "The Contract." I like this description too because it allows you to discuss covenants and the blessings that await us if we fulfill our end of the bargain.
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